Ever wonder to make Low budget Sushi ?

Abdul Halim Ahmad
4 min readMay 28, 2017


Here are everything you need to know, to make easy sushi without raw seafood

Hi guys ! So today I’m going to share one of pretty popular dish from Japan.

So it’s Sushi time 😉

But this time, I am going to share SUPER CHEAP OR PRETTY LOW BUDGET Sushi. Wait…whaaaaat?

Yes, well it doesn’t mean low quality, I just avoid raw fish (it’s cheaper and some people might don’t like raw fish, or maybe in your area nobody is selling SASHIMI GRADE FISH)

Raw seafood could be danger if the material itself sold or handled by careless seller. So this is the other option for you guys to make your own.

Sushi is definitely Rice based dish, here are my recipe of the Sushi Rice :

If you could find Japanese Rice (short grain, stickier) then use it for about 540 gr wash it until the water is really clear.

But, if you could not find any, you could use Jasmine Rice + glutinous rice it’s 70:30 wash it till clear.

Both kind of Rice has to be soak for about 30 min — 1 hour. Why we have to soak it? It make the Rice well cook, like PERFECTLY COOK .

After you soak the rice, cook it , I suggest cook it with Rice cooker, the best way 😜. If you don’t have Rice cooker there is another way in Japan called Gohan.

Gohan is Japanese cooking method to cook rice in the pot . The method is same , wash, soak then cook . The consistency of the water is just one line of your finger, that is the Asian way. Cook it until no water left. Switch off the fire, Then cover it with lid or aluminum foil , let it rest for about 15–20 min.

While you cook the rice, you gotta make a SHARIZU/ SUSHI SU it’s the vinegar things.

My recipe is actually simple, is just SA SHI SU or we can call SATO (sugar) SHIO (Salt) SU (Vinegar) and Sometimes I make it the day before, and I also put Konbu on it and let it all night( you have to wipe the white dust all over konbu before use it)

The Ingredients of sharizu /Sushi su are:

1/3 Cup of rice vinegar (you definitely could substitute with apple cider, Love it!)

3 tbsp Sugar

1,5 tsp of salt

Konbu( optional)

Mix all together in a pot, medium fire until the well mix.

Let’s start make sushi rice, to mix the rice and vinegar, Rice has to be still hot and the vinegar mixture is just warm, put rice in a large bowl or Japanese wooden style, spread it, add the vinegar, gently mix it. When it’s done cover it with damp towel to avoid the rice is getting dry.

The base is ready, now you gotta prepare the filling and sauce.

These are what I use ;

Tuna (cook it, bake or pan fry, then cut it into small pieces) / Canned Tuna

Cucumber (seedless, cut into Jardiniere or Julienne)

Chicken (cook it, boil/roast/pan fry)


Avocado ( Slice it)

Kani stick( Imitated crab stick)

Frozen Ebi tempura( fry it)

Lolo roso/verde

Mixed lettuce

Carrot ( cut it into Julienne)


Bottled thick teriyaki sauce

Sriracha sauce

For me you may use anything for this kind of “Sushi”

Spicy Tuna mayo roll
Chicken Teriyaki Roll
salmon Shioyaki Roll

Then you could start “rolling” the sushi, take nori, wipe your hands add rice, spread it add filling, uae whatever you want, but don’t make it overfilling, it’ll be hard to roll.

And last is , enjoy your Homemade Sushi.

All of the photos are the sushi that I made with “low cost”



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