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What was in your mind, when you hear “Couchsurfing”?

-Couchsurfing in the Middleeast country-

photo source: Couchsurfing Abu Dhabi group

My name is Abdulsadkar, I was just an ordinary guy, like really super regular person.

I am not like some people around me who is making their life really fake, or just lying, that they’re a traveller. Well, it isn’t my words.. I swear! 😁. So, I have one friend who once say this to me, he is really has different hobbies. He is not like my others mate, he love traveling and do something that you might not think to do that. He is the first ever that telling me about the COUCHSURFING.

Well, at first I don’t understand what is couchsurfing , I was literally translate the word of “Couch” and “Surfing”. I was like “whaaat??” What is that mean, I really do not get it, at all.

Eventually, I really get it When I join the couchsurfing meeting.

At first, I thought the meeting would be a little bit awkward.

Yup, that was in my mind When thingking about the meeting, I mean .. what are we going to do ? Well, my first meeting went well, I was in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia. And Yes , it wasn’t awkward at all, we were talking And sharing about the traveling life all night long.

Since that time, I am quite more active in talk, more confident, And bravo enough to talk with total strangers.

Photo Source : private collection

A year passed, that exactly my time has done in college. It is time to face the real world. I chose United Arab Emirates to become my second home. I applied a job at the hospitality Industry in UAE, and I got the Good News from one of the great Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Excited! I really feel excited, because I could work while exploring the UAE.

The day, when I flew to UAE, I checked the couchsurfing member in the UAE, Theo I joined the couchsurfer Abu Dhabi group.

The first few days in UAE, I decided to meet the comnunity. And I saw the schedule of couchsurfer in abu dhabi. So, they’re actually has a full activity in a week, like weekly meeting, sporting, hangout, watching movie together And they have very fantastic program every week, It’s authentic weekly dinner. The dinner it is all about tasting And enjoying the signature or the dish from the restaurant that represent the country all over the world.

It was really fun, to meet them. The member is actually literally from all over the world, *almost. Because it is UAE, it’s Multicultural with Multinational peoples.

The funny things is, I was the youngest guy on that group. Yup, everybody is like twice my age.

photo sources : CS Abu Dhabi

I remembered the first authentic dinner we went to the pub together cause we wanted TI celebrate our friend birthday, he is from Canada. Well, When we go through the lobby door, especially me, I faced the bouncer, they were stared at me from head to the down. And they stopped me, they Said that I am too young, like really under age. Well, I was 22 at that time And UAE rule is you have to be 21 Yo. I tried to explain to them, But Unfortunately, my passport is still with the HR departement for making Emirates ID, And of course I don’t have Emirates id. I don’t have a real document to Proof that I am 22. Well, at Last they (couchsurfer) were looking for me And told the bouncer that I am with them * yeay 😂. It is really Weird situation with a great Ending.

The best conversation I had was there, with them. We shared everything all night long, And keep talking And talking.

I had wonderfull year in abu Dhabi , with full activities.

The next year I moves to Dubai, which is Only a few hours from Abu Dhabi. I joined Dubai CS group, they have different activities. Dubai group has total different style, CS in Dubai more Likely do a party. Maybe it is because I was there inly for party And weekly CS meeting. Well, it’s Dubai, a Metropolitan City with more tuan hundred club And pub, the best entertainment.

celebrating CS weekly meeting

The article is about my Story When I joined Couchsurfing And meet fellow CS member. Shared an experience having great discussion And being a great Person to others. I’ve learnt to became more open And actively When talk to others, I became different, in a positive way, I changed And became socialy active And Not afraid to meet total strangers. I love couchsurfing And all the members, I really thankfull with the founder And Made this community. However, Even though CS has changed a Lot, But at least I have met great people.

CS weekly Meeting Dubai



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