Some things were meant to be..

I wonder my own thoughts

Aching, smiling and breaking

I locked out the door in every steps ahead

I try to understand myself

Timeless feeling like an ocean

You’ll never understand why

You’ll never be able to find how

Door closed when you out

Opening, breaking and pulling

It’s just made me feel always mad

I try to sneak in and catch myself

Trapped and drowned in an ocean



The dream you dreamt that always stays in your dream…

Kuakui bahwa semua terjadi begitu saja

Melewati sunyi menghadap rintangan

Melangkahi mimpi melawan tantangan

Anganku bercerita apa adanya

Memanjat tinggi hinga khayangan

Inikah hasil genggaman tangan?

Ataukah janji ini hanyalah angan?





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