7 Fun Facts of being a chef, that you probably didn’t know

In a culinary world, Chefs are known as the one who keeps it spinning. Most of the people were thinking that working in a kitchen is stressful and tiring. When in fact, they still could enjoy their life and passionate about it.

Here are 7 fun facts about the chef that you probably didn’t know about :

1. Chefs are an artist and also a scientist.

As a chef, they have to be artistic, to pleased the customers and make them enjoy the meal not only by the taste but also by its great presentation. Seeing a beautiful masterpiece on a plate makes the customer feel appetite. Chef also has to understand the chemistry of the Ingredients, making the perfect balance and combination of the flavor.

2. Chefs adore the beauty of the knife.

Women love their accessories and beauty products. Chefs loved their knives because it helped chefs doing their job, and every knife has a different purpose. Most of the chefs own special knife that no one can’t touch it, and most of the knives are quite pricey.

3. It is not what you think.

When you eat at the restaurant with an open kitchen and saw them work with those circumstances, you may think they look grumpy and why they shouting each other. Well, actually when in rush hour, chefs work more serious and intense to avoid mistakes, only to get satisfaction from customers. Overall, they are just passionate about it.

4. Chefs cook a simple dish for themselves.

Chefs also human, they are tired of work, and just want to eat fast before getting rest. Only on a special occasion or to improve their skill, they will cook an elaborate meal. Mostly, just get the fastest way, Instant food might the right answer.

5. Dirty mouth.

Say what?? This is just regular things, everyone that work at the kitchen knows, they used to say bad words to each other, and don’t feel harassed when one guy says dirty words to another guy. No one gets a hard feeling about it. So, don’t get surprised when you start working in the kitchen.

6. Chefs hate peoples

Not all of them, but some of the customers. Chef mostly doesn’t like the ungrateful person whose not appreciate what they order and not eat it. They also dislike person who ordered with too much request and asks more “special dish” (e.g., beefsteak with less salt, cook 3 minutes each side, no pepper, more sauce, extra vegetables, fries on the side with less oil) when you read the order, it is quite annoying isn’t it?

7. Chefs love cheap jokes.

Everybody needs to relieve stress, this is one of their way to make them relax. They tell and make a joke in their free time when the kitchen is not too busy, and they get easily laugh, most of them are dirty jokes. Sometimes the outsider is just doesn’t get it.



I Poetry and food-related articles | R&D Chef | Chef Consultant | Food culture enthusiast | Professional chef |

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I Poetry and food-related articles | R&D Chef | Chef Consultant | Food culture enthusiast | Professional chef |