10 things, you must know about culinary student at Enhaii

Article is written in English

1. We are the chosen one

Is not easy to get inside of this major in this campus, cause the food production management is the most famous and favorite of all.

1st semester

2. Is not like your expected

This is my favorite one, everything what I expect is totally different from reality. I was expecting to have individual kitchen, and learn to be a great chef. I thought it’ll be cool, relax , etc. In reality, we are just like an army, the white army. They taught us to be as strong as we could. Because in the real hospitality (hotel or restaurant) chef is the hardest job :(

Inside the walking chiller

3. Is not like heaven, there is no food while you are inside the kitchen

Everybody will think that go to culinary school, enhaii in particular, we’ll be like in the heaven , cause you think you will eat whatever you want. You making it then you eat it directly, when in fact you will get warn from lecture or from the senior, If you eat in the kitchen . We use to say “no picking” only testing *with small spoon.

2nd semester

4. Grooming is #1

Just like in the army , or modeling school. You should be clean and tidy, no dirt or stain in your uniform. The uniform apron and chef’s hat should be white and clean. You have to taking shower 🚿 every single day, even you have to come super early morning. Using anti-respirant to avoid the “body scent”, shave *no moustache or beard, short hair, short and clean nail, and at least you must smells good (not too much). And yes, you bring your own tools, (small knife, spoon, handkerchief, matches, band-aid, pen, & small notebook).

5. Bilingual is a must

Yes! At least you understand an English, if you could not speak. Is a plus if you could understand french. Because, the “kitchen bible” or every culinary books (even the old one) and also enhaii’s book of recipe is in English. If you don’t understand then you have to! *no choice.

6. There are no woman in the class

Hahahaha! Well, this is also true, means women in the culinary industry have to be strong, so this make all the women in the class learn to be 💪🏼 as men. At first, you meet them as a normal woman, but different when they’re inside the kitchen.

7. You will be bossy and think you know everything, once you’re in the 3rd semester

3rd semester

In the 3rd semester you’ll be called supervisor or Chef de partie in the college kitchen. You lead the production for nusantara restaurant, you just like the chef for the entire 1st floor kitchen. You gotta brief the people under you (1st and 2nd semester) and some people did test knowledge to others.

8. Once you go for Job training, you will become normal again

No more bossy, all you think is how to become a great chef, no more acting like you know everything. Because you know the reality in the hospitality industry.

9. 5th semester is the best one yet stressful

Heck yes! You have your own kitchen, together with your classmates and making decision also the schedule who become chef and who will be as a steward. Creating dishes for enhaii’s Fine Dining Restaurant. Unfortunately creating and making new recipe for fine dining is so hard and stressful, isn’t that easy, less experience but still, so much FUN doing it.

10. You will not graduate as a CHEF

Yes, not yet ☹️😢 your career is so freaking far away for that. Instead, you are just a baby who doesn’t know anything in the industry. And your tittle does not related to culinary at all, you are Diploma of “Ahli madya Pariwisata”. ( A-H-A)



I Poetry and food-related articles | R&D Chef | Chef Consultant | Food culture enthusiast | Professional chef |

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I Poetry and food-related articles | R&D Chef | Chef Consultant | Food culture enthusiast | Professional chef |